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Clare,Julie and Lizzie    the old vicarage   

To Joy,Marianne,Fe,Pat,Sarah and all the lovely ladies at the old vicarage.

Because your help will always mean more than words can tell.


for the kindness,love and compassion you gave to our mum,whilst she was in your care.

with love from,
clare,julie and lizzie xxx

Alain,Helena,Charlotte,Emma,Francois and Carla and all our family in Mauritius.    the old vicarage   

Dear all,

I am writing on behalf of all our family, to give you our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful care and kindness which you all showed towards my father, Hector Lecl├ęzio, throughout the time that he lived at the Old Vicarage. It was such a great comfort to us to know that he was so well looked after (and well fed!) and that someone was always there to keep him safe and warm. I know we could not have found anywhere better- I'm sure that it wasn't just purely by chance that the room was available when he needed it. Thank you all for everything you did to make him feel at home. We will keep in touch, and look forward to your next event.

Alain, Helena, Charlotte, Emma, Francois and Carla and all our family in Mauritius.

Margaret,Michael(ped) Ann,Jenny and Neil    the old vicarage   

To the manager and all staff,

Thank you for the excellent care and kindness shown to our mother, Mrs Mary Brown, during her stay at the Old Vicarage. She was really comfortable and happy amongst a lovely group of friends. We cannot thank you enough.

Regards from, Margaret, Michael (Ped), Ann, Jenny and Neil.

Colin Macadie    the old vicarage   

Dear Joy,

Following my stay with you I came across this Hanky...clearly belonging to Peter. While at school I had some myself named but that was some seventy odd years ago- perhaps I should restore the Practice? Thank you and your staff for looking after me during my stay. I was comfortable, warm and cared for what more could one wish...? With all good wishes

Yours sincerely,
Colin Macadie.

P.S. Many thanks for my Easter "bunny".


Review of The Old Vicarage
Throughout the time my father stayed at the Old Vicarage (May 2012 - 10 August 2013) he was treated with great kindness, respect and compassion by Joy, the owner, and by all the staff. He suffered from vascular dementia and was also doubly incontinent and he was always clean, comfortable and well fed. I honestly believe that he could not have stayed in a better place for his remaining days and through the kindness of a former resident who donated a pressure bed to the home, he did not have to be moved when he became bed bound. It is only a small care home, but one with a very big heart.
Overall Standard: Excellent
Facilities: Good
Care / Support: Excellent
Cleanliness: Excellent
Treated with Dignity: Excellent
Food & Drink: Excellent
Staff: Excellent
Activities: Good
Management: Excellent
Safety / Security: Excellent
Rooms: Good
Value for Money: Excellent
Submitted by Alain L (Resident / Service User) on Friday 20 September 2013.

Cheryl and Roger Bassett   

To all the staff at the Old Vicarage,

Thank you all a million times over for everything you did. For Joyce Howells and Joan Bassett. May 2015 bring happiness and joy to you all. Best wishes.

Cheryl and Roger Bassett

Sylvia and family    the old vicarage   

To all staff at the old vicarage,

Your kindness is appreciated very much !

Thank you so much for everything you are doing for mum to make her feel at home and keeping her dignity.

God bless.
Sylvia and family

Pamela,Andrew and paul    the old vicarage   

To Joy and all the staff,

A very big thank you for looking after our mum these last few weeks. Your help and kindness has been very much appreciated. Once again, Thank you.

From, Pamela, Andrew and Paul and all our families.

Pedro,Simon and family    the old vicarage   

To all the staff at the Old Vicarage,

I would like to say thank you for looking after my mum Mary Brown so well. She felt so at home with you there. We will miss seeing mum with you all. Many thanks again.

Pedro, Simon and all the family.

Linda    the old vicarage   

To the staff at the old vicarage.

Thank you so much for making Dad's final year so comfortable,and peaceful.
thank you too for caring about him so much as a person.
He clearly enjoyed your company and became very happy with you all.


Bob and Jackie    the old vicarage   

To Joy and all the staff.

You're all Great!

thank you for looking after mum.

bob and jackie xx

Anne and Clifford and Family    the old vicarage   

To the carers and staff with sincere thanks, from Anne, Clifford and family,

We would like to thank everyone at the Old Vicarage for the care and kindness you gave Lily. It was her home for a long time she was very happy and extremely well cared for and looked after. Thank you, Thank you,

Anne, Clifford and family

Name*Wilf, Lavinia Charles.    LocationBromyard   

Dear Joy and all the Staff.
Liv and I would like to say a big thank you for the wonderful care and friendship you gave my Mum Mary Charles while she was in your care. The staff were so understanding and always went out of their way to make sure Mum was well looked after even when she had an off day. It is such a relaxed homely atmosphere at your home , it gave us confidence and peace of mind Mum was being taken care of. A big big thank you too you all xx

Chris Wright    the old vicarage   

To joy family and staff.

A big thank you for the 10th December it was a lovely afternoon and we were made to feel very welcome even the children.

from:Chris wright


Dear joy
Thank you so much and everyone else at the Old vicarage for making Dad's 100th birthday such a special day. He thoroughly enjoyed himself surrounded by his family and friends and we think he will remember it with pleasure for a long while to come. We are sure because he was at the old vicarage and you were all there, he was able to relax even though people were coming and going!

He was thrilled to see everyone and it was so nice that you made us-his friends and family-feel so welcome and he liked us all making a big fuss of him.

We have drafted something for both the Shropshire Star and the Hereford Times so hope it will appear in them soon.

We know how hard you all had to work to make it such a success and really appreciated everything you did, the preparing and serving all that fantastic food and drink-it was really lovely Zoe's cake was super it was kind of you to organise that for us.

We hope you enjoy the enclosed , something small to show how grateful we are.

Thank you all again, what more can we say, it was just a perfect day. We hope Gwennie's party will be as fantastic this weekend.

love: Freda&jean


Small and friendly home with helpful and caring staff. Great family atmosphere. Residents well cared for, with trips out,activities and various celebrations. Relatives and friends always made very welcome by Joy and her staff. Thanks for everything you did for my Dad,he was very happy with you. Janet

Gaye    the old vicarage   

To Hilda, Alex, Marianne, Pat, Glenis, Susan, Donna, Emma, Zoe, Charlotte, Vindy and Joy

Thank you all for the wonderful care you have given mum over the last few years. Especially over the last four months, your care and attention to make her final days comfortable and love was excellent. Please accept my very grateful thanks.


Anthony and Diane    the old vicarage   

To you all,

Thank you for very much for looking after Lily so well over the years and especially through the last few months. All our very best.

Anthony and Diane

Cheryl and Joan    the old vicarage   

Dear Joy and all staff members,

Words cannot express the gratitude and thanks you all for looking after mum (Joyce Howells). I am sure with no doubt in my mind that she left piece of her personality in each and everyone of you. I feel sure that whenever anyone mentions her name a little smile will come to your lips. Please find enclosed a contribution to your Christmas party as a massive thank you is the way you all cared for mum. All I ask is when you have your glasses of drink in your hand you will all raise them to your lips and think of mum and her favourite work B.O.G.O.F. Best wishes to you all

From, Cheryl and Joan

Please accept the donation enclosed given on behalf of mum for all patients to benefit along with yourselves.

Phil and Jan    the old vicarage   

To Joy and all the staff with thanks for looking after Jim so well.

Best wishes and a merry x-mas to you all.

Phil and Jan

John and Marylou    the old vicarage   

Dear Joy.

Many thanks for the loving way you and all your staff looked after Mum.
I can't thank you enough from the first day we looked at the old vicarage,We knew it was the place for mum.
The funeral is at Orleton Church,Weds 5th December 2 pm.

lots of love
John and Marylou

Sheila    Torquay   

Dear Joy and Carers,

This is to thank you so much for the effort you put into arranging the 100th birthday party for Bernice. It was most enjoyable and I think that she enjoyed it as much as she could, considering her chest infection. The spring rolls and noodles were delicious as was the rest of the buffet. Thank you all once again and all good wishes for the new year.


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